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July - Swiss Church

In July I provided PA for the Michael Toogood Thanksgiving Service. At the time I only had my SQ5 mixer and ZLX12P speakers so I used my other equipment currently used by Well Street United Church in Buckingham. This included the AB168 digital stage box and a DBX Driverack PA2 speaker management box. The acoustics of the Swiss Church in Endell Street, Covent Garden meant singing was excellent however the spoken word was only intelligible with the PA. 

October - Homerton Baptist Church



In early October I provided PA for the Grace Baptist Association Annual Meeting. This was the first opportunity to use the AR2412 24 input and 12 output digital stage box. See the photo on the home page. The Cat 5 reel worked flawlessly and was sufficient to cover the double-sized room we were meeting in. It was also necessary to provide a basic PA system for the hour-long AGM held in a different room downstairs. For this, I used one of the SCM15A's on its end on a table with a small USB-powered mixer. I also provided a newly acquired Pulse short shotgun mic (phantom powered from the mixer) for the meeting chairman and another mic for other speakers. During the lunch break, I took down the system and re-used the SCM15A to provide monitoring for the keyboard player in the main meeting room. I ensured the two lectern mics were in a stereo group which I configured as a mono signal. This ensured the speaker's movements were not replicated by the system. This also meant I learned that stereo groups on the SQ5 are an odd/even pair. The desk was configured with Left and Right on AR2412 Output Channels 1&2, Foldback wedges on 3&4 and the EV EKX15SP Sub Woofer on Channel 5. Channel 6 was connected to the Keyboard's SCM15A foldback. The Bass guitar provided by Les Gridley was configured with the jack connected to a PRO DI, the through connected to a Bass amp and the XLR connected to the mixer via the AR2412 box. The electro-acoustic guitar was connected with the PRO48 DI. Two singers had BETA58 mics provided by the host church. I provided an AKG P4 mic for the violin. The church provided their own PA amp and speakers.

Victory Services Club -

I was retained by for their awards evening for leaders. I met with the in house sound and lighting team to talk through the system with them. Unfortunately the meeting was cancelled but no one thought to inform me so I made an unnecessary trip to the club where they told me the bad news.

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