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My gear.

Indoor Rig

My indoor rig is built around an Allen & Heath digital mixer, the 48-channel SQ5. This is paired with the 24-channel stage box, an Allen & Heath AR2412 digitally connected with a  50m Cat 5 reel. Both A&H devices are protected in heavy-duty Flight Cases. Sound is output through a pair of Electro-Voice 1000-watt ZLX12Ps supplemented by the highly capable 1300W EKX15SP subwoofer. I have 6 SubZero C15MA 1000W wedge monitors used as appropriate. I use several AKG Stage Mics, the P3S, P4, D5, D7 & C5. I have two Sennheiser XSW2 handheld mics and receivers and I also have an annual Ofcom licence to operate the mics in the shared frequency band of  606 to 614 MHz If the wireless environment is too congested I am able to request frequencies from 622-630MHz at fairly short notice and for a nominal fee of around £50. I also own a Shure PGA Drumkit7 Drum Mic Kit. Radial PRO48 And 2 x Radial PRO DI provide instrument connections. K&M Mic Stands are supplied with 10's of XLR leads recently purchased and regularly tested with a Lambden Audio 2 Part audio lead tester. I use the Studio tools suite of audio software, including the SMAART suite, to provide me with the information to ensure every show meets the highest standards.  

Outdoor Rig

I have an Allen & Heath MixWizzard3 16:2 analog mixer with a Skytec 1000W amp (both in flight cases) and two EV ZLX 12's 1000 W passive speakers for external use, and 4 x Devine SPE25/10 10-Metre Speaker Cable, 2x2.5mm with Neutrik connectors to aid configuration depending on speaker distance. Also, for the outdoors, I have 2 Speaker Stands by K&M, 2 Heavy Duty Mic Stands by K&M, ground anchors, a pair of Audio Technica AT2020 Large Diaphragm Condenser Mics, 2 x Samson CO2 Pencil Condenser Mic's, a K&M Dual Mic bar for the Samson Mics and a rack mounted DBX 266XS rack mounted gate/compressor.  I will be purchasing an analog snake when required and  funds permit.

I also own a Studiologic SL88 Weighted keyboard and a Ketron SD1000 professional midi module and can provide them if required for an additional fee. I plan to buy a pair of handheld radio mics when funds permit.

I've taken photos of the kit below; however, some items went into storage before photographing, so I've used stock photos instead. I also own some safety mats and strips for cable covering. 

my sq5_edited.png
shure drum mics_edited.png

Allen & Heath SQ5  - 48 Channel Digital Mixer with Digital effects










Allen & Heath AR2412 - 24 Input 12 return digital stage box




Electro Voice ZLX12P x 2 - 1000 Watt Active PA Speakers






Allen & Heath MixWizzard3 16:2



Skytec SKY-2000B 2x 1000 Watt, 4 Ohm PA Amplifier

ElectroVoice ZLX12 passive x 2 1000 Watt Speakers











Electro Voice EKX15SP  - 1300 Watt Sub-woofer






SubZero C15MA Active Stage Monitors x 6

AKG P3S x 3 - Dynamic Mics







AKG D5 x 4 - Dynamic Mics 


AKG D7 x 2 - Dynamic Mic

AKG C5 x 1 Condenser Stage Mic










Sennheiser XSW 2  x 2 Radio Mics















Shure PGA Drumkit7 Drum Mic Kit














Audio Technica AT2020 x 2












Samson CO2 Pencil Condenser Mics x2












Radial PRO48 DI











Radial PRODI x 2



Radial Pro AV1


Radial Stagebug 










K&M Mic Stands x 6

XLR Leads

Lambden Audio 2 Part Cable Tester









Studiotools Audiotools incl Smaart Tools









Known response Measurement Mic

Studiologic SL88 Weighted MIDI keyboard

Ketron SD1000 Midi Module

C15MA SubZero Monitor_edited.png
skytec amp_edited.png
zlx12p passove front_edited.png
samson co2_edited.png
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